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The Quaint Tribe | Our Vegan Bakery

Hey guys!

Welcome to The Quaint Tribe.

This is Belle & Shell and we created this space as a bubble to connect with all you amazing beings on a more frequent basis! Here you will find behind-the-scenes content from our hours spent over at Our Vegan Bakery & the days in between of our beautiful journey we call life!


Our Vegan Bakery was hugely inspired by our friends, who paved the path for this entire dream of ours. 

OVB is literally built by, on & through friendship. Which we thought was so so beautiful.

Now we carry on this legacy with our mama & papa who gave us their 101% support every single step of the way.

Almost all our deliveries now are made by our papa bear during his day off + before & after his working hours. This freed up more budget to provide you guys with an islandwide delivery of $4.90. This also explains why we have very limited slots per week (so grab them quick!).

All our packaging for your orders is also prepared by our mama bear daily to ensure that they get to you in the best condition possible.

This allowed both of us more time to focus on our R&D efforts to bring yall a different variety of vegan bakes every month. To be able to create & tweak recipes into exact replicas of non-vegan treats is so thrilling to us! Knowing that we are able to put cruelty-free bites of happiness out to the world daily had us going to sleep with a smile on our faces every day. 

We can such an amazing support system for our growth and we cannot be more grateful for every single day

Birthday Cake

Signing off,

Papa, Mama, Belle & Shell xx