Tea combi-s for every week of the month

Updated: Mar 14, 2021

Welcome to the section where we obsess over tea.

Tea has been consumed over thousands of centuries and is often tagged with its amazing healing power. Different type of flowers and leaves you add to your concoction drastically changes the way it tastes and the benefit it has on your body. Let's just say the combinations are endless!

Fear not if you're not a tea connoisseur - we're not either! These recipes are purely curated to the taste we love and the ingredients we can easily find around the area - they make a great deal of feeding our body and soul.

To start the first month off, we'll be keeping it simple by working with single and duo ingredient tea. Let's get into it!

Tea #1


Tea #2


Tea #3

Osmanthus Green Tea + lemon juice

Okay, now that you're more familiarised with 1 ingredient tea, let's switch it up a little and move into a combination!

Tea #4

Camomile Lavender Tea

Camomile and lavender help to keep you relaxed after hustling for a day. They are caffeine-free and are great to have before bed.

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